late night meal

Last minute review with fellow students in psych…check

Last night of clinical rotation….check

Johnny’s delicious pizza and wine….triple check



Barefoot Refresh: summer red

Okay so tonight is my first entry into my wine journey, so I’m a bit nervous. I’ve always enjoyed sweet white wines, like Moscato, or blush wines like White Merlot. What my goal is with this blog, is to get out of my comfort zone and try new wines. My first wine is Barefoot’s Summer red. What I like about this wine is that it a.) got me out of my comfort zone, and into a red. b.) had a hint of sweet without being overwhelming.  This red blend is a wonderful blend of Pinor Noir Rose and Moscato.

This wine was bought at Thrifty Liquor and definitely good for this poor college student. 🙂


Sorry for the poor quality, I'll do better next time.
Sorry for the poor quality, I’ll do better next time.